Foreclosure Bailout Program For Commercial Property Owners

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A Private Investor Group is now offering a Foreclosure Bailout Program for Commercial Property Owners who are in default or may soon be in default.  All commercial property types will be considered:  Retail, Office, Warehouse, Hospitality, Medical, Multifamily, etc.  Occupancy rates considered as low as 10%.
The Investor Group will negotiate a short sale with the bank and purchase property at a discount.  If the owner desires, the Investor Group will then sell the property back to the original owner (at a discount) and will also finance the new loan.  (Property is typically sold back to original owner at 50% to 60% of the ORIGINAL loan balance.)
Contact us at info @ if you are interested in this Foreclosure Bailout Program for Commercial Property Owners.

Funding Available For Municipalities

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A lender is seeking municipalities who need funding for their projects.  They have 100% funding available for A-rated cities.  The cities must guarantee the loan, any amount.

Contact us at info @ if your municipality is seeking funding and you would like more information.

Operating Gold Mines Looking For Funds To Expand Operation

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An investor with operating gold mines is looking for funding to increase operations.  The investor will fund 50% of the mine, any amount.

Contact us at info @ if you can provide funding for operating gold mines with the above criteria.

Large US Jeweler Wants To Buy Precious Gemstones

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A Large US Jeweler is looking to buy large quantities of precious gemstones.  He will look at diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies and any other precious gemstones of high value.

All gemstones must have a safe keeping receipt, a current appraisal and must be stored in the US.

Our buyer is capable of very large purchases.

Contact us at info @ if you or your client are interested in selling any diamonds, pearls, emeralds, rubies or any other precious gemstones of high value.

Qualified Buyer Seeking 3 Types Of Hotel Assets

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We have a qualified buyer who is seeking 3 types of hotel assets.  These hotels must be cash flowing.  They prefer REOs, but will consider NPNs.  They like acquisitions where there is an opportunity to reposition the asset.


Asset type: Full service – upper scale
Locations: Nationwide – MSA and CBD
150+ Keys

Asset type: Select service
Locations: Nationwide – Urban core markets
150+ Keys

Asset type: Independent, “boutique” hotels (4 or 5 star only)
Locations: Nationwide
50+ Keys

They will also consider JV opportunities, but will only consider if they have the opportunity to manage the property.

Contact us at info @ with any hotels that match the above criteria.

Brazilian Emeralds Available For Purchase – 33% Of Value

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The owner of 90 Brazilian Emeralds, rough crystals, is looking to sell the crystals at a deep discount.

Emerald Information
Crystals: 90
Carats: 200,771.243
Color: Intense Bluish Green
Hardness (MOHS): 7.5 to 8
Specific Gravity: 2.72  +.18  -.05 S.G.
Refractive Index: 1.583 to 1.577  +.017  -.017
Polaroscope: Double Refractive
Optic Characters: u-
Additional Test: natural color no irradiation or oil
Measurements: assorted
Chemical Composition: Aluminum Silicate Beryl
Conclusion: Natural Emerald

The appraised value is approximately $75 per carat, or a total of over $15M for all 90 crystals.  The owner is asking $5M for all 90 crystals.

We have an August 2010 appraisal and safe keeping receipt available for review.

Contact us at info @ if you have any interest in purchasing these emeralds.

Supplier Of Gold Dust Needed

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We have a buyer that has an immediate need of $100 million of gold dust.  We need a supplier that has gold dust available for delivery to the buyer’s refinery.

This will be a continual relationship.

Contact us at info @ if you can immediately supply gold dust.