Performing and Non-Performing Notes Needed

We have investors that are looking for both performing and non-performing notes.  These notes can be collateralized by real estate, boats, planes and other assets.

We are looking for lending institutions and other investors that are wanting to sell notes they are holding at a discount.  Please contact us at info @ with information about your note(s) and we will put in you contact with our broker.

~ by LargeCommercialRealEstate on May 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Performing and Non-Performing Notes Needed”

  1. Sounds interesting. We are doing something related: – educational products for nonperforming note buyers.

  2. Dear Sir,

    I work with a legal rep of a large Global Institution.
    We have exclusive Non-Performing Note packages available that
    other institutions or private investors are not aware of.
    These packages consist of Commercial/Residential Notes.

    The buyer can receive the best discount. The legal rep has been doing business with the seller for over 23 years.

    We sell many other types of instruments example:
    CMO’s, Treaury Notes, Bonds, Bills. MTN & BG dept solely dedicated to provides these types of instruments.

    We can assist you in obtaining product, we have a very simple
    streamlined process.

    Contact our office to get the process started.

  3. I have access to a 20 M pool of non performing notes, on sale now. If interested email for more details

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